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Every business or individual who have a website should pay attention to making it SEO-friendly, as well as find new creative ways to drive engagement and generate backlinks. To your attention are some tips for website owners and marketers from Managedadmin.

Creating a Content Calendar to Increase Your Profits

Having the right content on your site is essential for reaching your target audience. The content should be tied directly to their needs. The form that the content takes, however, should be the same each month. That way, your target audience learns that you are a trustworthy professional that they need to do business with on a regular basis. Consider using these types of posts each month.

Long-Form Blogs

You should aim at writing two to three 1,500 word blogs each week. These blogs should focus on events or information that will directly impact your target audience. Start with a catchy title that incorporates the main keyword that you will be addressing in the blog. Divide the content into bite-size pieces by using subheadings. Provide content that will influence your customers to think that your products will meet their current needs. Avoid stuffing the blog with keywords, but talk directly to your audience.

Slide Shares

Creating slide shares is a great way to encourage your content to go viral. Create a template and stick to the same design each time so that your target audience knows what to expect. Using the content allows you to focus again on the keywords that are most important to your business. Make sure to use pleasing visuals. Keep the slide share between 10 and 15 related slides so that your audience stays interested in the content that you are presenting.

Create an Infographic

Make your content go even further by using an info-graphic. Impressive ones often get shared and are a great way to introduce new customers to your business. Make sure that they are visually interesting to capture your target audience’s attention. Use bold graphs and charts that are easily interpret able by your target audience.

Social Media

Many things that you have created are usable on social media. Learn when your target audience is most likely to be online and schedule your posts to appear at those times. Additionally, learn which platforms your audience is most likely to be on in the first place. Spend a few minutes each day providing meaningful comments on other people’s blogs.
By focusing on these content types, you will discover that your audience grows very quickly. Stick to doing these four things on a regular basis and your audience will soon see you as a trusted friend. That transforms into more profits than ever before for your small business.